Structured Cabling

Structured Wiring is a general term given to the centralized wiring and distribution of aerial, Sky, telephone and data cabling. The idea is to give you control over the different services around your home. Because everything is centralized, you are able to change the configuration fairly quickly, with little to no cost. We can wire a new home to allow you to move your Sky decoder to another room, while sharing the Sky channels with other TV’s. Adding a phone to the guest bedroom becomes a breeze. Plug-and-Play networking and high speed internet, telephones and PBX systems, you name it. A well planned structured wiring system can remain incredibly flexible for years to come, and is the most cost effective way to provide some ‘future-proofing’ for your home.

The Benefits:


With the cost of high speed internet tumbling and its speed ever-increasing, more and more services and service providers are relying on an internet connection to communicate, update and better manage everything from your Sky connection to your CD collection. Internet radio and downloadable movies are growing in popularity with those familiar with computers. Even in your traditional stereo system there are readily available CD players that download artist and track information from the internet automatically as you insert the disk to make music selection faster, easier and more enjoyable.
The future really is now when it comes to the internet. Networking your home professionally is cheaper then you might think and not doing so will dramatically affect you and your family’s ability to adopt emerging technologies and influence the resale value of your home.


With Sky TV proving to be more and more popular and free-to-air Digital TV now available, just “running a few wires” simply won’t cut it. A minimum now is three cables to your main viewing room (Sky, RF and free-to-air Digital) and these should be run to a central panel (in a “service area” like the garage) before being distributed to the rest of your home.


Running your telephone cables to the same central services panel before heading around your home is also a great idea. Phone cabling is very cheap, so don’t be scared to run the cables to locations you might not think you need a phone.

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