Furman CN-3600 SE AC Power Filter & Distributor


Furman – SmartSequencer Protected AC Power Distribution & Filtration

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SmartSequencer AC Power Control

The new CN-3600 SE is one of the first products to feature Furman’s SmartSequencing technology, which allows large and complex A/V systems to be safely powered on and off with a simple press of a button or turn of a key.

SmartSequencing’s bidirectional communications between installed units enables a primary unit to control and sequence multiple secondary units, ensuring multizone electronic systems are powered safely and reliably from a single control point. Units can be connected via current loop at runs of more than 1,000 feet.

The CN-3600 SE offers robust control options, equipped with RS-232 ports and command sets for integration with control systems. An optional RS-232-to-Ethernet adaptor adds full IP-addressability to the unit, allowing it to be controlled, programmed, and monitored from a smart device or Web-enabled device via Telnet, direct HTTP connection, or Panamax/Furman’s BlueBOLT-hosted remote power and energy management platform.


  • Series multi-stage protection provides defence against surges & spikes
  • Linear filtration technology significantly reduces AC line noise
  • Extreme voltage shutdown protects equipment from dangerous voltage conditions
  • SmartSequencing allows bidirectional, safe sequenced power up/down operations
  • Diagnostic lights provide valuable system information
  • 16A maximum current capacity with incorporated 16A thermal circuit breaker
  • Remote access – RS-232 compatibility & command set
  • BlueBOLT provides remote access via the internet from anywhere in the world
  • Contains eight IEC C13 outlets and one IEC C13 outlet
  • Optional BlueBOLT RS232 to Ethernet Adapter

Check out the brochure for more information – Furman CN-3600 Brochure


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