Netio power PDU 8QS


8-Way Networked Power Distribution Unit

Available to Order

The Netio Power PDU 8QS is a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) with eight power outputs (8x IEC-320 C13) controlled and metered over a LAN.

It fits into a 19″ cabinet (1U).

Each output can be switched on/off individually over the web interface, Output relays switch at zero voltage (ZVS) to avoid issues with the switching of devices that have a high inrush current. Electrical measurements (V, A, W, Wh, TPF, Hz) with an accuracy better than 1% over the entire operating temperature range.
NETIO Cloud service or the mobile app. Open API enables integration into a third party systems.
With the NETIO Cloud service, the outputs can be controlled from anywhere. The NETIO Cloud service is provided for a fee but it uses SSL security and servers in Europe.
The smart socket device can be also controlled using the NETIO Mobile2 app for Android.

Electrical metering is performed on two channels – whole PDU (at the input) and Output1
separately. DI (Digital Input) can control the outputs or count S0 pulses and is available through API.


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