McIntosh MC2301 300W Vacuum Tube Amplifier


1 x 300W Valve Power Amplifier

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The worlds best mono block amplifier?

The MC-2301 mono block is considered by many as the best amplifier in the world. Balanced, unity coupled vacuum tube design and a crazy 67kgs per amp (and yes, you will need two for any reference stereo system). Probably the best example of McIntosh’s valve amps and why McIntosh has such a dominance in large valve amplifier market. If you are lucky enough to listen to a set of these amps, then perhaps you can die happy. The MC-2301 design is fully balanced from input to speaker output and the first ever McIntosh tube amplifier to include Quad-Differential circuitry. A blend of tube and solid state devices comprise a super-linear input stage and the output stage, based upon eightKT88 power tubes, terminates in a custom multifilar wound output transformer providing very low distortion and wide power bandwidth. The result? A staggering 117dB signal to noise ratio combined with vanishingly low distortion to provide remarkable low-level linearity and unmatched liquidity.


  • 300 Watts Mono Power Output
  • Balanced Design
  • Multifilar Wound
  • Output Transformers
  • Wide Power Bandwidth
  • Two Balanced Inputs/Outputs
  • Remote Power Control with Meter Light Control
  • Low Distortion from 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Large Gold Plated Five-Way
  • Binding Posts
  • ½” Thick Glass Front Panel with Tube View
  • Fiber Optic Light
  • Diffuser Illumination

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