Anthem Integrated 225 Stereo Amplifier

This Product has been Discontinued.

2 x 225W Continuous Power Integrated Amplifier

This product is no longer available. We keep it here for historic reasons. Feel free to browse around, or if you've got questions, get in touch.


Extraordinary, clean,solid, dynamic power…

Love music? Still want to spin those vinyl LPs to hear all the great music you’ve collected? If you listen to music regularly and don’t require the extra channels of a home theater receiver, put the Integrated 225 on your list of “must haves”.

It’s an all-in-one Anthem quality two-channel analog solution that offers the performance of high-powered separates, without the associated cost and complexity.The Integrated 225 is an amplifier/preamplifier boasting a high-quality built-in phono stage to accommodate Moving Magnet phono cartridges.

As usual, Anthem’s “keep-it-simple” philosophy lies front and center. The Integrated 225 is sleek, its outlook minimalist. It doesn’t call attention to itself in any overt way yet when it sits in the AV rack, you can’t help noticing just how good it looks.

The inside story is similar: high-quality component parts; critical inputs are buffered to prevent crosstalk; a combination active/passive “EQ” technology in the phono stage unlocks all of the magic hidden in those vinyl grooves … with a transparency, refinement and detail that should be far more expensive, but isn’t.


  • Stereo power amplifier
  • 225 watts per channel, continuous power into 8 ohms
  • High-quality, close-tolerance parts
  • 105 db signal-to-noise ratio
  • Built-in phono stage
  • Advanced generation toroidal transformer
  • Fully symmetrical complementary Class ABdesign
  • Large custom computer-designed and modeledheatsinks
  • Large motorized analogue potentiometer style volume control
  • Tone controls with bypass feature
  • High-quality output connections
  • 12V trigger response
  • Portable media input plus 7 more inputs
  • XLRbalanced connection and gold-plated inputs
  • Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM)

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