Apollo Elite Series Residential Outdoor TV Enclosures 42″ – 98″


Outdoor TV Enclosures 42″ – 98″

These enclosures are designed for covered outdoor spaces without direct sunlight onto the screen face. These look Like TV’s, Not like Tv’s in an enclosure.
Enjoy a long-term investment allowing a variety of TVs to be changed out as technology changes.  Never worry about obsolescence again.


NOTE: For the best performance of the anti-reflective glass in the enclosure, avoid using TVs with highly reflective, high gloss screens.
LG’s OLED LCD TVs are sensitive to UV rays and are not suitable for installation outdoors



  • Apollo’s durable powder-coated aluminum enclosure is engineered for permanent outdoor installations
  • The slim profile and form-fitted design gives the appearance of an outdoor TV
  • Anti-reflective safety glass reduces glare and enhances contrast while safeguarding your TV from the outdoor elements
  • Apollo’s proprietary TIGHT SEAL™ technology seals your TV against rain, dust, and insects
  • The temperature-controlled filtered air-flow system protects your TV in temperatures up to 122 degrees F (50 degrees C)
  • Sound ports at the base of the enclosure transfer TV speaker audio effectively to maximize audio performance
  • Watertight cable cover protects cable connections to your TV inputs and outputs
  • 9′ outdoor-rated power cord for safe outdoor installation
  • EZ Mount internal TV swing brackets for simplified installation and easy access to cables and wiring of external devices inside the enclosure
  • 1′ Extension power cord to accommodate internal connection of power adapters or right-angle plugs
  • Weatherproof Mount Options: AWM407 – Dual-arm articulating wall mount; WM607NA – Non-articulating wall mount with tilt; CM708 – Adjustable height ceiling mount (28.44″ to 48″ ) with adjustable ceiling plate for flat or slanted ceilings
  • Certified to UL/CSA Safety Standards

39" – 43", 46" – 50", 50" – 55", 60" – 65", 70" – 75", 80" – 85", 90" – 98"

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