ATOLL Electronique IN50 Signature Integrated Amplifier (Black)


2 x 50 Watt Integrated Amplifier

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The IN50 Signature integrated amp-preamp is manufactured with the greatest care: Atoll Electronique have chosen the best possible components to achieve the highest level of sound performance. This rigorous search for perfection goes through the design of proprietary Atoll Electronique circuits in order to preserve the integrity of the most subtle musical signals.

Atoll Electronique has been making high end amplifiers since the 1990’s. Their original integrated amplifier series (IN-50, 80, 100) have been revised and updated to bring the new Signature range.

The original scheme has been revised to improve the musicality and connectivity of those models. The quality of many components has also been improved: PCB with double layer nickel/gold, link capacitors, heat sinks, thermal protection.


  • Amplifier/preamplifier Integrated 2x50Wrms/channel/8Ω
  • 4mm aluminium brushed front panel with graved logo and “Wave”, 1,5mm steel chassis, aluminium knob and keys
  • Audio stages with discrete components, MKP technology link capacitors, high performances heatsinks
  • PCB with double layer nickel/gold, thermal protection
  • Toroidal Transformer of 170 VA
  • ALPS motorised potentiometer
  • Direct access of inputs from the front panel or the remote control
  • Optional remote available for purchase

Optional Board Addons

Model Features
  • 2 Coaxial Inputs (24Bits/192kHz)
  • 2 Optical Inputs (24Bits/192kHz)
  • 1 Bluetooth receiver
  • 2 Coaxial Inputs (24Bits/192kHz)
  • 2 Optical Inputs (24Bits/192kHz)
  • 1 USB-B Input: PCM & DSD
  • Phono Stage (MM)
  • Phono Stage (MM/MC)


  • 5 audio Inputs (RCA) :
    • AUX ( or optional phono stage P50 or P100)
    • CD
    • TUNER
    • TAPE (IN+OUT with monitoring loop)
    • DVD
  • 1 Bypass Input (using as power amplifier)
  • 2 Pre-out Outputs (for bi-amp or to link to a subwoofer)
  • 1 Headphone Jack – 6.35mm
  • 1 Trigger Output 12V
  • Power Wrms/channel/8Ω: 50 W
  • Power Wrms/channel/4Ω: 70 W
  • Impulse Power: 90 W
  • Power Supply (VA): 170
  • Total of capacitors (µF): 17 874
  • Inputs: 4 + 1 monitor
  • Input Impedance (kΩ): 357
  • Sensibility (mV): 100
    Rising Time (µs): 2,5
  • Signal/Noise Ratio (dBA): 100 dB
  • Bandwidth: 5 Hz – 100 kHz
  • Weight(kg): 7
  • Dimensions (mm): 440 x 90 x 300 mm

Check out the manual for more detailed information – Atoll IN Signature Manual

Check out our first look unboxing video:



Black, Silver

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