ATOLL Electronique MS120 Streamer


A superb sounding mini size streamer with a big screen to meet modern streaming needs

Whether it is listening to high-definition streaming music, locally from your network, from a USB key, a hard drive, Bluetooth®, or your favourite internet radio stations, Atoll’s mini network player MS120 is totally adapted to the current needs related to the reading of dematerialized music files.

Compact, yet with true audiophile performance, the Atoll MS120 sets the standard for a compact streamer. Coupled with ultimate versatility, the MS120 can slot into almost any system. As a fixed output streamer, it performs beautifully, however, it also features variable output capability, and a full set of analogue and digital inputs. As such you can use it as a pre-amp as well as a streamer; with an external power amp such as the Atoll MA100,  or as a high performance source into a pair of active speakers.


  • Reading all audio files in the network (compatible DLNA and UPnP) connected on Wifi or wired RJ45.
  • Displays the name, tags, album cover, resolution.
  • “gapless” system (uninterrupted playback of consecutive audio tracks).
  • Possibility to create Playlists.
  • External control (with Qobuz, Audirvana…) with RTSP protocole.
  • Direct access from the ATOLL app to streaming portals: Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer Hifi

Internet Radio

  • Access to all internet radios with Airable system in high quality: choices of more than 100 000 stations, podcasts…
  • Displays logos stations and further information: titles, artists, resolution…
  • Possibility to add radios to a « favorite » menu.


  • Symmetrical outputs stages with no feedback and discrete components polarized in A class.
  • Analog volume control (with commutated resistors) with possible By-Pass.
  • Transformer specifically dedicated to audio stages.
  • High Quality MKP link condensators.
  • Burr-Brown PCM1796 converter.


  • Connections:
    • 2 analog
    • 2 S/PDIF coaxial (PCM 24bits/192kHz)
    • 2 S/PDIF optical Toslink (PCM 24bits/192kHz)
    • 1 Line-out
    • 1 S/PDIF coaxial
    • 1 S/PDIF optical Toslink
    • 2 USB-A Inputs
    • 1 Bluetooth® receiver
    • 1 RJ45 network
    • 1 Wifi antenna (802.11b/g/n)
    • 1 trigger 12V output
    • 1 headphones output front (3,5mm)
  • Audio supplies:4,6VA + 3,6VA
  • 5″ TFT led display (800*480).
  • Serial remote control.
  • General supply: Topology flyback 4,5w + 4,5W
  • Total of capacitors: 5 435 µF
  • Dynamic: 123 dB
  • Output Impedance: 22 Ohm
  • Output level: 2,8 VRMS
  • Signal/Noise ratio: 123 dB
  • Distortion at 1kHz: 0,005%
  • Bandwidth: 5Hz – 20kHz
  • Rising Time: 1,7µs
  • Converter digit/analog: Burr-Brown PCM1796 24 bits/192 kHz – DSD128
  • Dimensions: 320x230x94mm
  • Weight: 3 kg

Check out the manual for more detailed information – Atoll Electronique MS120 Manual

Check out our first look unboxing video:



Black, Silver

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