AudioQuest Forest Optical Cable


Toslink optical cable

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AudioQuest designed their Forest toslink cable for those seeking high performance on a budget. Offering upgraded construction and performance compared to AQ’s entry-level Pearl series, Forest provide a distortion-free connection between digital audio source components — CD players, Blu-ray or DVD players — and A/V receivers, DACs, and even some sound bars.

The core of the Forest is a single finely polished, low-distortion polymer fiber conductor that minimises signal loss and jitter (time-based distortion). The cable has full-size toslink connectors at each end, reinforced by a brass ferrule, which helps ensure ideal light transmission for the highest quality sound.

Optical cables carry signals as pulses of light rather than a stream of electrons, so they are virtually impervious to magnetic or electrical interference. Unlike cables made of wire which require some type of metal connector to transfer the signal between components, in an optical cable, the very tip of the connector is the fiber itself, and it requires special polishing to reduce light refraction.


  • Low-jitter design (digital timing errors)
  • Low-dispersion fiber
  • Finely polished optical interface


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