Audioquest SureGrip 500 Speaker Connectors

$139.00 4 Pack

Audioquest Suregrip 500 Speaker Connectors

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Banana plugs are the contact point between an amplifier and speaker. Therefore it is important that the banana plug is capable of passing the signal to the speaker without adding any extra noise.

The SureGrip500 gold banana plug is made from a solid purple copper instead of different components. This vastly improves the sound quality and eliminates points where unwanted noise may be created.

High Purity Purple Copper

High-Purity Purple Copper is a premium audio copper alloy. It provides a drastically cleaner, clearer sound compared to the brass or phosphor-bronze used in common connectors.

Gold Plating

Pure “Hanging Gold” Direct-Gold Plating is optimized for sound. It looks dull because there is no underlying layer of shiny, distortion-causing nickel.

Cold Welding

Cold-Weld System creates an ideal connection with better sound than solder.

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Check out the brochure for more information – Audioquest SureGrip 500/1000 Brochure



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