Bluesound Pro RM160 Rack Mount


Rack mount for mounting B170S Streamer

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The Bluesound Professional RM160 is a rackmount system allowing up to 6 x B170S network streaming stereo amplifiers to be mounted in a 3U space in a 19” rack. The B170 modules slot in from the front and are secured by a front panel screw, allowing for swift replacement when required. B170S units are supported front and back and cabling is tidied with a rear tray.


  • 3U rackmount system for B170S network streaming stereo amplifiers
  • Can accommodate up to 6 x B170S in 3U rack space
  • B170S units mounted from front with front and rear support
  • Rear cable tray to facilitate cable management
  • Blanking panels available for unused slots

Check out the brochure for more information – Bluesound RM160 Rack Mount Brochure


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