Wireworld Starlight 8 USB Cable


Silver-clad Oxygen-Free Copper with Wireworld’s Uni-Path™ conductors

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Utilising Wireworld’s new Uni-Path design, the Starlight 8 USB provides higher fidelity than round USB cables selling for much more. With silver-clad copper conductors, Starlight’s sound is rich and three-dimensional. Exceeds official USB high speed specifications. Available with A to B plugs, or A to Micro-B plugs.

Wireworld USB audio cables utilise unique new designs that minimise jitter by providing sharper waveforms than the standard USB cable design. They provide the least jitter available at each price level, producing distinct improvements in tone quality, clarity, image focus, smoothness and dynamic range. Ultraviolet features Wireworld’s proprietary Symmetricon design geometry.


  • Design: Uni-Path  –  90 Ohms
  • Signal Conductors: Qty:  3    Gauge: 28AWG  |  0.08 sq. mm
  • Conductor Material:  Silver-clad Oxygen-Free Copper
  • Insulation:  Composilex 3
  • Plug Contacts:  24K Gold-plated
  • Available with a USB A to B, or USB A to Micro-B termination


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