Wireworld Gold Eclipse Speaker Cable


Octo DNA Helix construction with 8x 48 strand groups of 4N solid silver conductors

Eclipsing the competition

The Eclipse series of cables from Wireworld have all the research and development packed into them that you could ever hope for. Wireworld’s Eclipse series contains the designs that have proven the v8 range’s performance around the world without the price being out of this world. With an updated design using the world’s purest copper, you can expect to get exceptional performance.

Eclipse is the best of the copper only cables but Wireworld’s Silver Eclipse had already hit the ceiling with its silver-clad OCC copper cables. Wireworld’s solution? Make a cable with solid silver conductors. The result is a cable that minimises phase issues like never before.

Wireworld’s version 8 uses an all new Composilex 3 insulation, which minimises extraneous noise fora scarily silent experience. And with the new interchangeable terminations or “Uni-Term” plugs, you can easily interchange between banana and spade connections depending on what you need.


  • Design: Octo DNA Helix
  • Conductor Material: 4N solid silver
  • Conductors:8 (48 strand groups)
  • Gauge: 9AWG | 6 sq. mm
  • Contact Materials: Silver-clad OFC
  • Insulation: Composilex 3


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