ComteVision 16:9 CF2.5 Series Fixed Frame Screen


Heavy Duty Aluminium Framed Screen

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The CF2.5 series all have a 2.5″ heavy duty aluminium frame with a beveled edge. All frames are made of aircraft grade aluminium, forged as single pieces. This means the frames do not have weak points that are susceptible to stress or strain.

With ComteVision’s unique tensioning system, you can be assured of a perfectly flat surface.


  • 2.5″ (6.3cm) heavy duty aluminum frame with beveled edge, wrapped in high density premium black Velour by hand, which increases the light absorption to achieve a high end plush and luxury finish.
  • The frames are made of aircraft-grade aluminum. They are forged as one single piece so that they do not have weak points to be broken or deformed under strain.
  • Unique tensioning systems to assure a perfectly flat screen surface. The tensioned rods are metal with plastic caps on the ends to avoid tearing the screen material.
  • Easy clip or spring system ensure you can attach fabric to frame easily and quickly.
  • Split-frame design facilitates lower shipping costs without sacrificing quality.
  • Texture-free and no hot spotting.
  • Professional packing solution to reduce risk of transportation damage and ensure everything arrives safely.
  • 2-year manufacturer‘s limited warranty

Check out the brochure for more information – ComteVision CF2.5 Projector Screen Brochure

Or check out the full range – ComteVision Full Catalog

Surfaces available

  • ECO5D 1.35
  • Villa White 4K 1.1
  • Villa Grey 4K  0.8/li>
  • Dual Vision HD 1.0
  • Dual Vision 4K  1.1
  • Cinehawk 0.8
  • Weave Acoustic HD 1.0
  • Weave Acoustic 4K 1.1
  • Micro Acoustic 4K 1.1
  • UltraSilver 3D 2.4
  • Rear Pro HD 1.1

This listing is for a “Villa White 4K 1.1” surface. For other surface options, please get in touch.



106", 120", 92"

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