Xantech XT-DL-IRK IR Receiver Kit


Ir reciever kit for enclosed equipment cabinets or remote equipment locations

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The XT-DL-IRK is a surface-mount design and standard range (up to 80 feet) IR receiver that makes your installs easier and cleaner than ever before. This kit includes two single and two dual Blink IR™ designer emitters to control up to six devices without needing to purchase additional emitters. It also includes the BOT 1.0 Break Out Terminal, which allows you to extend the IR receiver up to 5000 feet without cutting the IR receiver wires.


It works with LED, LCD and Plasma TV’s and around CFL lighting. For use with all types of cable boxes, satellite boxes, remote controls and TVs. A white, silver & black trim kit is included to match any AV system.



  • Works with all types of cable boxes, satellite boxes, remotes and TVs
  • Low profile, easy to hide
  • Proprietary ambient noise-suppression technology for reliable operation in any lighting environment, including compact fluorescents
  • IR modulation frequency bandwidth: 25-60kHz
  • Reception range: up to 80 ft/24 m*
  • Color-coded connectors for fast, easy installation
  • Controls up to 6 devices at once with enough power to control 4 dual emitters or 8 devices
  • BOT 1.0 extends IR receiver up to 200’ with 24 AWG, 600’ with 22 AWG, 2000’ with 20 AWG, 5000’ with 18 AWG (Actual range depends on remote control output and ambient lighting condition)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 145 x 87 x 158 mm


Package Contents…

  • 1 x DL85 IR Receiver
  • 1 x Model 789-44 Connecting Block
  • 2 x 283D Designer Single Blink Emitters
  • 2 x 286D Designer Dual Blink Emitters
  • 1 x BOT-1.0 Breakout Terminator
  • 1 x PS12-0.5 12VDC Regulated Power Supply
  • 1 x Trim fitting kit to match white, silver and black AV components
  • 1 x Instruction manua
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