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Combining precision control with ample power, this professional-grade processor stores macros and commands to deliver complete command over your environment. The ProLink.r+ is PC programmable via Pro Control’s wizardbased software, and communicates with the Pro24.r+ and iPro.8 remotes via one-way 433 MHz RF signal. Four integrated IR routing ports offer adjustable output strength. It also includes two voltage-sensing inputs for improved management of connected devices.


Supported remote control Pro24.r and iPro.8
Support for iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® app Yes LAN (1-way)
Support for virtual PC control Yes LAN (1-way)
IR emitters included 4
Integrated RS-232 ports N/A
Ethernet control Yes LAN (1-way only)
Ethernet for programming Yes
Adjustable IR output strength Yes
Integrated IR routing ports 4
3-24 VDC Voltage sense inputs 2
Integrated RF control 1-way (433 MHz)
System commands and macro storage Unlimited (Determined by available memory)

For even more control flexibility, the ProLink.r+ provides one-way LAN control via tablets, smartphones and PCs with an activated ProPanel app from iTunes®

Integrated antenna Yes
USB programming
Dimensions H x W x D 4.1” x 6.62“ x 1.28” (104.1mm x 168.1mm x 32.5mm)
Warranty 3 years (parts & labor)


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