Lenkeng HDMI DVBT Modulator


Supports Full HD 1080p@60Hz

Available to Order

Supports Full HD 1080p@60Hz, LCD Display, 12V DC Power Adapter (Included).

This is an HDMI to DVB-T Converter, the perfect solution to distribute the HDMI signal to DVB-T1 standard digital cable television via coaxial cables. Output can be set as any channel number and distributed to all the TVs in the system directly via Aerial splitter, co-existing with all your current regular channels. Multiple HDMI to DVB-T converters can be installed to distribute as many channels as you need. It’s a perfect solution for monitor systems, outdoor large-screen displays, shopping mall advertisements and media education fields, etc.



  • Metal housing, stable and durable
  • Wall-mountable for easy installation
  • Strong anti-noise and anti-interference ability
  • Support multiple modulators
  • Distribute one source to multiple displays with one modulator
  • Support DVB-T digital high-definition RF signal output
  • HDMI input signal resolution up to full HD 1080p@60Hz
  • Lightning protection, surge protection, ESD protection


Check out the Brochure for more information – Lenkeng DVBT Modulator Data Sheet


Weight0.53 kg
Dimensions1.58 × 1.14 × .33 cm

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