Elan g! TP4 LCD Touch Panel Control

This Product has been Discontinued.

Elan gTP4 LCD Touch Panel Control

This product is no longer available. We keep it here for historic reasons. Feel free to browse around, or if you've got questions, get in touch.

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This product is discontinued. For current options, see here: Keypads

The gTP4 is a 4.7” touch screen interface for your ELAN controllers. WiFi-enabled and with a high-resolution touch screen, it includes a camera and microphone. Powered over Ethernet (PoE) for easy installation.

With increasing continuity between Core brands and synergy between the Elan and Speakercraft range, the Elan gTP4 could be interchanged with the .



  • 4.7″ Diagonal Viewable Area
  • Supports TCP/IP communication and PoE
  • Wi-Fi support
  • Proximity sensor to wake
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