Epson ELPMB30 Flush Ceiling Mount


Flush Ceiling Mount

Designed by a specialist team of engineers, Epson’s new low profile home cinema mount provides strength, reliability and good looks for installations. You can use the ELPMB22 Ceiling Mount with the Epson EH-TW9300, EH-TW9400, Epson EH-TW8300, EH-TW8400, Epson EH-TW7100, EH-TW6800 and the Epson EH-TW6700.

Features… Stylish appearance – The low profile mount reduces the space between the celling and the projector, giving the appearance of a seamless installation Strong and Secure – Manufactured from high grade steel for optimal strength Highly adjustable – A multitude of possible adjustments ensures simple installation and perfect alignment


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