Garrard SP 25 MkII (Sec Hand)


Availability: Only 1 left in stock

-Second hand condition-

-Recently serviced –

-Repaired cracks in dust cover –

– Audio technica AT91 Cartridge-

-Pick up CHC only-


The Garrard SP25 MkII is a 4-speed single record playing unit incorporating an improved tubular aluminium pickup arm with a resiliently mounted counterbalance weight and a calibrated dial to set stylus force easily. It is elegantly styled, and has many features associated with more costly equipment, such as a cueing device to lower and raise the pickup gently, a patented pickup arm bias compensator and a lightweight plug-in pickup shell which will accommodate a wide range of cartridges. In addition it has a large, loaded turntable driven by a magnetically screened resiliently mounted Garrard Laboratory Series electro motor, through a retractible rubber wheel. The pickup returns to its rest automatically after playing a record and unit switches off.
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