HD Anywhere MHUB-S HDMI Matrix (100m)


A stackable 8×8 HDMI matrix for up to 32 zones of video and control

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Burn less calories thinking about your video distribution solution and spend more time building it.

Your time is important. A project may involve the procurement of hardware, infrastructure, control and installation. This takes time and effort. MHUB S provides everything you need inside the box – including 8x powered HDBT receivers and rack mounting hardware.Simply add a Zone Processor when stacking 2 or more MHUB S units. Building a 8×16, 8×24 or 8×32 system is the same difficulty as setting up a single MHUB.


  • Stackable to 32 Zones (x4 MHUB S) with Source IR passback and uControl
  • Stackable to 48 Zones (x6 MHUB S) with uControl
  • Stackable (6+ MHUB S) with Control System
  • Supports formats up to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) including HDR & Dolby Vision using TPC.
  • Selectable down-scaling on all outputs
  • Multi-channel digital audio support up to and including Dolby/Atmos and DTS:X
  • HDMI Output Mirrors (x2) for AVRs
  • Audio extraction on all outputs (not downmixed)
  • Bi-directional IR
  • Source Stacking IR (Pass IR from one MHUB system to the next)
  • CEC Support
  • uControl, Apple Watch***, IP*** & Amazon Alexa compatible
  • Remotely monitorable
  • Fully customisable with API access

Up to 50% cheaper.

If your project has less than 32 screens, then MHUB S offers exceptional value for money compared with other methods of distribution because there’s no requirement for an expensive managed switch, and control is included.

Mirrors enable easy stacking.

MHUB S can work standalone as a 100m 8×8 system, or it can be stacked with additional MHUB S units by mirroring the inputs. Every output operates discretely, and can select any source input from the foundation unit.

MHUB S even supports IR passback. A source device connected to the foundation system can receive an IR signal from MHUB S systems higher up in the stack.

Free uControl platform included.

Control everything connected to MHUB S with the uControl app. With video distribution delivered by MHUB S, there’s no need to spec a control system if you (or you customer) doesn’t want to. Instead control the entire system from our app – whether it’s turning off all displays, switching to certain combinations, or scheduling Sequences so that displays turn on at a certain time on weekdays.

Control lighting scenes from Rako and Hue

New to uControl is the ability to add IP connections to lighting systems from Hue and Rako. Control lighting scenes from directly within uControl.


  • Form factor: 2U Rack-mountable
  • Inputs / Mirrors / Outputs: (x8) HDMI Inputs / (x8) HDMI Input Mirrors, (x8) Digital Coax, (x8) 3.5mm Stereo Jack
  • / (x2) HDBaseT + HDMI Outputs, (x6) HDBaseT Outputs
  • Video bandwidth HDMI backplane 594MHz clock / 18Gbps data
  • HDBT 340MHz clock / 10.2Gbps data
  • ESD protection ± 8kV (air-gap discharge) ± 4kV (contact discharge)
  • Hub control Web GUI, IR, TCP/IP, RS232, App, Alexa
  • App control Full control over sources, matrix hub & display functions.
  • Device weight
    • Chassis: 2400g
    • Receiver: 187g
  • Dimensions (W x D x H):
    • Hub 440 x 362 x 88mm (without feet)
    • RX 162.8 x 90 x 18mm
  • Relative humidity 20~90 % RH (non-condensing)
  • Power consumption 101W (max) tbcW (standby)
  • 2/3-year guarantee (Cloud registration required)

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