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HD Anywhere XTND 2K HDMI Extender (30m) – XTND2K30


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XTND 2K (30m) HDMI extender is an affordable way for you to increase the distance of a HDMI port on your TV or set top box. It lets you deliver Full HD 1080p video and audio (multi-channel or stereo) from your set top box to a TV located up to 30m over a single Cat 6 cable (you can go less than 30m using Cat 5e or slightly more using Cat 7).


The backwards IR kit included with the XTND 2K (30m) HDMI extender means that you’re able to control your set top box using its remote control at the TV as per usual, to access all the device’s content, recording and menus…. even if it is hidden out of site.



  • Class-leading XTND (Extender) range
  • Extremely cost-effective way to get Full-HD signals to another room
  • Built-in splitter means less boxes, cables and power supplies
  • Slim, light and has built-in mounting
  • Doesn’t require power at the TV (PoL)
  • Stylish design and elegant functionality

How is the XTND 2K (30m) HDMI extender set up?


One TV is situated beside or close by to your HDMI device / set top box and is connected to the XTND 2K transmitter using a HDMI cable.Your second TV is located up to 30m away from the transmitter and is connected to the XTND receiver, also using a HDMI cable.


You connect the transmitter and the receiver together using a single Cat 5e / 6 cable that cannot be longer than 30m. You can either run this Cat cabling yourself or choose to have it professionally installed.


Find out more in the brochure – here

or see a comparison chart – HD Anywhere XTND Comparison


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