MrSpeakers ETHER Flow 1.1 Closed Headphones by Dan Clark Audio


Utilising TrueFlow technology

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The ETHER Flow 1.1 is MrSpeakers’ flagship closed-backed headphones. Version 1.1 features an improved external filter for for an increased dynamic range and enriched sound. Utilising TrueFlow technology to improve the performance of the critically acclaimed ETHER Flow 1.1 headphone, it delivers sumptuous planar magnetic bass and dynamics, with near-electrostatic resolution and an even more “open” and spacious soundstage than ETHER.

“The ETHER Flow 1.1 improves on what was already an excellent headphone in the ETHER Flow, offering a smooth, high-resolution sound with excellent linearity across the frequency spectrum. It’s an easy headphone to listen to, as no particular frequencies stick out of order, and true to its name, the sound just flows. Of course, the ETHER Flow 1.1 maintains the superb ergonomics, build quality, and fit of its predecessor, making the headphone effortless to wear for hours on end. The ETHER Flow 1.1 represents a great value at its price and is one of our favourite open headphones.”

– Peter James, HeadAmp


All the ETHER headphones are V-Planar driver and all ETHER Flow headphones incorporate TrueFlow waveguides. V-Planar technology pleats the driver surface so as to reduce distortion, improve transient response, and extend the frequency range. The ETHER Flow headphones also TrueFlow technology which eliminates turbulence-inducing right-angles from driver’s motor structure for greatly reduced distortion, extended frequency response and improved dynamics.

Innovations in the ETHER headphone

Ether Flow utilises an all-new design that makes use of several technology and manufacturing innovations to improve performance. ETHER is built around a single-ended planar driver developed by MrSpeakers. To optimise performance, the planar has been processed using a patent-pending V-Planar technology.

Sound and Comfort

ETHER headphones are not about having the best bass, mids, or highs. They’re about delivering a convincing sound experience. The goal is to not emphasise any part of the spectrum, but rather to have it blend together to form an organic whole. ETHER headphones are renowned for their fit. With a nearly ideal weight distribution and plut Italian lamb-leather ear pads, they can be worn for hours without fatigue. ETHER headphones won’t move around on your head with normal usage, but neither will they leave your jaw and ears aching from clamping force, truly they’re a headphone you can enjoy for hours at a time.

  • Planar magnetic driver with V-Planar and Trueflow technology
  • NiTinol “memory metal” headband with hinge-free design
  • Dyed-through leather headband
  • VIVO 6.35mm fabric covered headphone cable
  • Includes clamshell travel case
  • Driver Type: Planar Magnetic
  • Driver Size: 71 x 45mm
  • Impedance: 23 ohms
  • Weight: 430g
  • Ear Pad Material: NAPA Lamb Leather
  • Shipping Dimensions: 279 x 228 x 152mm
  • Shipping Weight: 1.36kg

Headphone Style

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