Helix 4 in HDMI DVB-T Modulator


single unit 4 input HDMI Modulator

Available to Order

This Helix Modulator combines 4 modulator units in one chassis. With a combination of 4 HDMI or Component video inputs. One RF/Aerial connection output. And can be setup and configured by either the from screen or using a computer via a Web UI. Output can be set as any channel number and distributed to all the TVs in your home, co-existing with all your current regular channels.


4 X HDMI inputs , 1 x RF output (1 mux)
Output Level : 100dBuV
RF Level adj: 0-30dBuV
Attenuation Step 1db
Max Video Res: 1080p 30FPS
Audio : MPEG ,AAC
Video: HDMI 1.4 h.264
HTTP Log in an control – Fully Commercial Modulator

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