iFi Audio 90 degree Type-C OTG Cable


A high-performance, 90deg OTG cable for external USB DAC Headphone Amps

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iFi’s audiophile-grade 90° Type-C OTG cable provides a superior stable, convenient, connection for when typical cables just don’t cut it

The OTG (on-the-go) cable gives you an audiophile grade connection for your micro-USB device. Get ready to be blown off your feet as the music hits your eardrums in ultra-clear clarity. iFi have constructed the OTG cable from pure OFHC continuous cast copper, which conduct clean sound between your Android device and DAC.

The iFi 90°USB-COn-The-Go (OTG) cable is ideal for both Android phones & Apple devices.

For Apple, it will work with their devices that have a USB C port.

With Android, please ensure that your Android phone is capable of USB host mode so that the OTG cable can extract the digital signal.

iFi understands the need for quality in every single component of your system. OTGs need even more care as they suffer more wear and tear from all that on-the-go action.

We make our cables from top-notch materials. They are constructed from pure OFHC continuous cast copper – an excellent conductor – to deliver a superior, clean signal from your phone to your DAC.

This keeps your on-the-go sound top-notch at all times.


  • Power:  26 AWG
  • Data:  28 AWG
  • Conductor material:  Heavy OFHC continuous cast copper silver
  • Shielding:   Soft PPS yarn knitting
  • Connectors:   iFi ‘FINAL’ 90° Type-C connectors
  • Insulation resistance:   100Mohm
  • Dimensions:   105 x 6.5 x 17.8 mm
  • Cable length:   75 mm
  • Net weight:   5g


USB Micro, USB Type C

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