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iFi Audio iDSD Diablo Portable Headphone DAC/Amp


A compact sleek desktop Headphone DAC amplifier

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The iDSD Diablo, with its sleek new design and fiery red finish, sits proudly at the top of iFi Audio’s range of portable/transportable DAC/amps.It is built for purists, the true headphone enthusiasts who crave pure, unadulterated sonic performance.

Just like a racing car designed for uncompromising speed, theiDSD Diablosets aside sonic tailoring as well as Bluetooth connectivity to focus on pure sonic power. Prepare for a riveting ride as it will drive any headphone on the planet with aplomb.

Put simply, theiDSD Diablois iFi’s best ever transportable amplifier designed to deliver reference level sound.

‘Bit-perfectly’ wicked

iFi use two Burr-Brown DAC chips and the new 16-core XMOS chip to process the data received via the USB and S/PDIF digital inputs.This means theiDSD Diablocan handle up to PCM 768, DSD 512, 2xDXD.Both PCM and DSD remain ‘bit-perfect’.It also provides full MQA decoding!And with MQA now available over S/PDIF, you can take advantage of any MQA CDs in your collection.

Positively pure

Balanced, differential analogue circuit design reduces noise and cross-talk within the signal path by fully separating the left and right channels.TheiDSD Diablobenefits from further refinements to our balanced, symmetrical dual-mono topologies with short, direct signal paths. iFi Audio call thisPureWave.Negative feedback is used in amplifier circuits to compare the output signal with the input signal and correct errors. BUT there are drawbacks. iFi turns the negatives into positives withOptimaLoop.

Read more on these technologies below.


  • USB Input: up to PCM768 kHz & DSD512 (24.6/22.6 MHz)
  • S/PDIF Coaxial and Optical Input: up to 192 kHz/24Bit
  • Dynamic Range: > 113 dB (A)
  • Volume Control: -101 dB ~ 0 dB in 1 dB steps
  • Output power:
    • 2.82V/500 mW @ 16 Ohm
    • 3.7V/270mW @ 50 Ohm
    • 3.8V/48 mW @ 300 Ohm
    • 3.8V/24 mW @ 600 Ohm
  • Line out Level: > 2.1 V @ 0 dBFS (& 0 dB Volume)
  • THD &N (1V/16R): < 0.005%
  • Output Impedance: < 1 Ohm
  • Battery: 2200 mAh
  • Dimensions: 95 x 66.5×19 mm
  • Weight: 127 g

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