iFi Audio iRack



iRack Standard System

Available at The Listening Post : Christchurch and Wellington

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A shelving unit with the ability to improve the quality of your music!

Non-magnetic stainless steel pillars. Each shelf is resonance-damped.

The slots offer not only exceptional form but fabulous function, minimising vibrations and also for securing each micro/nano unit.

Developed with assistance from Track Audio, the precision-machined spikes and cups are adjustable to ensure perfect stability and mechanical drain.


  • Micro vibration control
  • Resonance-dampened organic glass shelves
  • Natural rubber ‘O’ rings for sound dampening and to prevent the columns and the iFi component from coming into contact with each other
  • Precision-machined spikes with matching cups to help cut down vibration and reverb to provide an even smoother musical experience.
  • Precision-Spikes machined spikes with matching cups for best isolation.
  • Solid-stainless steel for timeless looks and minimum resonance.


  • iRack Standard System
  • Shelves: 4
  • Dimensions: 150mm (l) x 95mm (w) x 139mm (h)
  • Weight iRack: 0.48kg. Shipped: 0.87kg

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