iPort LUXE Case for iPad


Fits iPad 10.2″ + 10.5″

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The LUXE Case is a thin, symmetrical, aluminum enclosure that protects iPad and grants you complete access to all iPad buttons, microphones, cameras and speakers. Magnets enable the case to be mounted to any of the LUXE stations in portrait or landscape orientations. There are two types of charging stations, the LUXE BaseStation, which charges iPad on a table top, and the LUXE WallStation, which securely mounts iPad on a wall or solid surface. As soon as the Case is mounted to a Station, conductive charging begins immediately, without wires or cables. With its minimalist design and premium finishes, IPORT LUXE blends iPad into the design of any space while allowing the iPad to stay charged and protected at all times.

The sleek and lightweight IPORT LUXE Case is made of precision machined aluminium alloy. Access to all of iPad’s key functions remain accessible. Security locks on the BaseStation can affix the Case to the BaseStation to keep iPad in one place. Case can be charged in portrait or landscape on both the IPORT LUXE WallStation and IPORT LUXE BaseStation. Dismount Case by pulling from left or right side.

Fits iPad 10.2″ + 10.5″

Please note IPORT LUXE and IPORT LAUNCH systems are not interchangeable.


  • Suits the iPad 10.2″ + 10.5″
  • Charges iPad when connected to a Station
  • Magnetically mountable it to any metallic surface
  • Models: SO-71015 (Black), SO-71016 (Silver), SO-71017 (White)

Check out the brochure for more information – iPort LUXE Brochure



Black, White

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