IsoAcoustics GAIA Speaker Isolator


The GAIAs will reveal clarity and openness from your speakers like you’ve never heard

The GAIA speaker isolation feet consist of acoustic isolators contained within an elegant machined dark chrome metal housing. Incorporating IsoAcoustics’ patented design principles, the GAIAs provides a high degree of isolation while resisting lateral movement and oscillations to maintain alignment with the listening position. Internal reflections from the hard-supporting surface are attenuated resulting in greater sound clarity and openness.

Optimal results are achieved by installing the GAIA isolators with the logo facing the listening position – or rotated 180 degrees – to align the isolators with the speaker’s motive forces. Lift and place the speakers into position as the GAIA lower isolators will adhere to the supporting surface.  The shape of the isolators creates a suction cup effect on smooth surfaces or provides a strong friction grip if the surface is textured.

The GAIAs are threaded into the base of the speaker or subwoofer to replace the existing spikes or feet. Threading the GAIAs into the base of the speaker creates a strong connection with the speaker. With the top of the GAIA housing connected with the speaker and the bottom of the GAIA connected to the supporting surface, all of the energy is then managed by the GAIAs internal isolator. The effectiveness of the isolation is a result of the shape, thickness, durometer and characteristics of their proprietary isolation material and the way the top and bottom isolators function together with the internal insert to manage vibrations.



  • Dimensions W x H: 62 x 49mm
  • Maximum Weight: 100kg per set of 4
  • Quantity: 4 per box
  • Thread sizes included: M8 x 1.25, M12 x 1.25, ¼”-20


  • Dimensions W x H: 51 x 43mm
  • Maximum Weight: 55kg per set of 4
  • Quantity: 4 per box
  • Thread sizes included: M6 x 1.0, M8 x 1.25, ¼”-20


  • Dimensions W x H: 43 x 39mm
  • Maximum Weight: 32kg per set of 4
  • Quantity: 4 per box
  • Thread sizes included M6 x 1.0, M8 x 1.25, ¼”-20





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