IsoTek EVO3 Venus Power Conditioner

This Product has been Discontinued.

IsoTek EVO3 Venus Power Board. Available at The Listening Post Christchurch and Wellington.

This product is no longer available. We keep it here for historic reasons. Feel free to browse around, or if you've got questions, get in touch.

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IsoTek EVO3 Venus


A cost effective way to provide clean power, mains spike and surge protection.

Protect your sensitive electronics in a stylish way with Venus, part of IsoTek’s EVO3 series. Designed for lifestyle and audio systems, the nicely proportioned and compact style makes Venus deal to place under shelves mounted from the top, or fixed directly to the wall behind component enclosures.


The award-winning Polaris circuit has been re-calibrated to offer a highly effective, yet affordable, solution. Venus is a cost effective way to provide clean power, mains spike and surge protection in a discrete form factor for small home theatre systems and compact audio replay.


NOTE: This does not include a power cable for connection to a wall power outlet.

We recommend Isotek’s Premier Power Cable for best results.



  • Compact Audio and Visual power centre
  • Protects your sensitive electronics from power surges and voltage spikes
  • Easy to install, and can be wall mounted
  • Removes Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise
  • RFI reduction 30dB
  • Independent outlets stop Differential Mode cross contamination
  • Unique delta filter topology improves product performance
  • 13,500A of instantaneous protection, featuring IsoTek’s unique sequential protection system
  • Internal wiring; multi-strand silver plated OFC copper with PTFE dielectric
  • Maximum continuous power 2,300W
  • Number of outlets: 5
  • Standard mains inlet: 10A IEC fused
  • Mains voltage: 100-240VA 50-60Hz
  • Maximum current: 10A HRC
  • Total wattage: 2,300W


** Please note: all of our Isotek products ship with AUS/NZ 3-pin plugs / sockets

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