Martin Logan Dynamo 1600X Wireless Subwoofer

$4,999.00 Each

15″ 1,800 Watts Sub with ARC

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Dynamo 1600X features an 1,800 Watt (peak) amplifier, 15-inch audiophile grade woofer, extensive input options,
optional wireless connectivity, control via a Bluetooth app, Anthem Room Correction (ARC®), and user-configurable front- or down-firing design. Dramatic bass detail and attack, superb extension, and room-shaking output ensure a compelling music and home theater experience.


  • 15-inch inverted surround poly cone woofer
  • 1,800 Watts (peak) amplifier
  • Sealed non-resonant cabinet
  • Digital control system via smartphone app
  • Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) via smartphone app or PC
  • Robust connection options, including XLR, RCA, and speaker level inputs; 12V Trigger
  • Configurable front or down-firing design
  • SWT-X Wireless Receiver & Transmitter (sold separately)

Martinlogan Sub Control App – (Available For Ios And Android)

MartinLogan’s Subwoofer Control app uses a Bluetooth connection to simplify setup and configuration of Dynamo 600X, 800X, 1100X, and 1600X. App based controls include volume level, low-pass filter (frequency and order), phase, 20–30Hz level, three preset listening modes, and control of Anthem Room Correction. A unique tone sweep feature assists users in locating areas in listening rooms where troublesome rattles or resonances may occur. A single press of a button allows listeners to initiate a tone sweep from 20–120Hz. If a rattle or resonance occurs in the room any frequency can be held, allowing the listener to investigate and identify the source of the unwanted noise.

Arc Mobile App – (Available For IOS and Android)

In the lab, MartinLogan engineers strive for transparency. Outside the lab, there’s one wildcard our engineers can never account for—the listening room. The unique size and shape of a listening space (and its contents) can make bass waves do unpredictable things, greatly affecting a subwoofer’s overall performance. Anthem Room Correction measures low-frequency sound output in a room and compares it to optimal response curves that account for spatial anomalies. The advanced algorithms of Anthem Room Correction effectively remove anomalies, leaving only the ideal standard— realistically blended, natural-sounding bass. Dynamo 600X, 800X, 1100X, and 1600X utilize a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone or USB connection with a PC to run Anthem Room Correction.

Powerful, High-excursion, Low-turbulence, Inverted Surround Woofers

The latest generation of MartinLogan Dynamo subwoofers feature advanced-design woofers with inverted surrounds and powerful magnet, motor, and suspension designs. In front-fire mode the unique inverted surround design maximizes excursion clearance behind the grill cover. When positioned in a down-firing configuration, the inverted surround significantly reduces airflow related turbulence for an articulate and detailed low-frequency experience.

Dynamo woofers pair a high-power magnet structure (significantly more robust than previous generations) with low-mass diaphragms to provide massive excursions while perfectly preserving the tiniest bass detail. The exceptional damping properties of the cone ensure a smooth, non-resonant response necessary for truly seamless blending with high-performance loudspeakers.

Manufactured in MartinLogan’s Canadian factory, the advance-technology woofers found in Dynamo 1600X and 1100X represent the pinnacle of woofer engineering. To achieve an extremely linear response and minimize distortion, an inverted surround is overmolded onto each woofer cone to create a permanent bond while allowing extremely consistent weight distribution around all 360 degrees of the cone. Further, the stronger and more reliable bond created by overmolding technology not only maximizes power handling capabilities, but also reduces acoustically destructive edge return reflections that travel from the voice coil through the cone and to the edge of the surround. To further maximize linearity, a robust voice coil is hand wound to a tolerance of one-quarter turn to deliver consistent impedance.

Every element of Dynamo subwoofers has been meticulously designed to deliver a staggering low-frequency performance, in a compact footprint, and packed with the latest technologies – all without a hint of distortion.

Advanced Ultra-efficient Switch Mode And Class-d Amplifiers

Dynamo subwoofer class-D amplifiers operate with extremely low levels of distortion and deliver dynamic impact with plenty of overhead. Low- noise, high-power switching power supplies produce clean power efficiently in a small space and effortlessly provide tremendous levels of current. Both feature high-quality MOSFET transistors, transformers, noise-suppression networks, and control circuitry. The switching power supply combined with reliable class-D technology means there’s virtually no energy lost in the subwoofer system.


  • System Frequency Response: 20–200 Hz ±3 dB. Anechoic in LFE mode.
    Low Frequency Transducer:

    • 15” (38.1cm) high-excursion, inverted surround, polypropylene
      cone in a cast aluminum basket with extended throw driver
      assembly; sealed non-resonant cabinet design.
  • Amplifier: 900 Watts (1,800 peak)
  • Software
    • Sub Control App: iOS and Android
    • Anthem Room Correction: iOS, Android, and PC
  • Controls (Backplate)
    • Level: Min–Max
    • Setting Control: Local, App
    • Power Mode: On, Trigger, Auto
  • Controls (via Bluetooth)
    • Level: -40 to 12dB
    • Low-Pass Filter (Frequency): 35–120Hz
    • Low-Pass Filter (Order): Bypass, Third, Fourth
    • Phase: 0–180° (1° Increments)
    • Phase (Polarity): Normal, Inverted
    • Preset Listening Modes: Music, Night, Movie
    • 20–30Hz Level: ±10dB
    • Anthem Room Correction (ARC): On, Off
    • Tone Sweep (20–120Hz): On, Off, Pause (Frequency)
  • Inputs (Audio)
    • Line Level: Left, Right, and LFE
    • Speaker Level: Left and Right via banana jacks
    • XLR: LFE
  • Input (Audio, Wireless)
    • SWT-X Receiver & Transmitter (sold separately)
  • Inputs (Other)
    • USB: Micro USB (for ARC/Firmware Update)
    • Trigger: 3.5mm, 5–24 DC
  • Input Impedance:
    • RCA: 8,300 Ohms
    • Speaker Level: 2,000 Ohms (red to black)
    • XLR: 28,000 Ohms (pin 2 to 3)
  • Room Correction: Anthem Room Correction (ARC)
  • Power Draw: Typical: 125W, Max: 800W, Idle: 15W, Standby: 0.5W
  • Feet: Rubber, ETC (Energy Transfer Coupler) Spikes
  • Weight: 25.9 kg
  • Dimensions (HxWxD):
    • Front-Firing: 510 x 454 x 486 mm
    • Down-Firing: 509 x 454 x 470 mm

Check out the brochure for more information – Martin Logan Dynamo X Series Brochure


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