McIntosh MC2KW


2,000W Mono Block Power Amplifier

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Enough power to accurately produce a live musical event without distortion.

The dynamic range of live music places enormous demands on even the most powerful amplifiers. The MC2KW Monoblock Power Amplifier is designed to exceed those demands, delivering 2,000 Watts of continuous power and 8,000 Watts at the peaks. Sheer power output is but the beginning of the story, however. The MC2KW features McIntosh Quad Balanced Circuitry which, in the process of creating such extraordinary power, actually cancels virtually all noise and distortion. Listening to music through the MC2KW one gets a sense that all barriers between the performer and the listener have been removed, leaving only the raw passion and excitement of the performance. The MC2KW unique design incorporates three modules. Two 1,000 Watt power modules each contain half the balanced circuitry and a power supply. The output module houses the input and output connections, meter, output autoformer, and functions as the control center. The bifilar-wound, mirror-image output transformer combines the two signals from the power modules, cancelling noise and distortion while summing the power output.


  • Balanced and Unbalanced Inputs
  • Thruputs for Bi and Tri-Amping
  • Connections for 8, 4, and 2 Ohms
  • 3 Full Sets of Terminals for Tri-Wiring
  • Power Control Triggers (In and Out)
  • Peak Responding Output Meter
  • Meter Hold Front Panel Switch
  • Silent Convection Cooling
  • Cool-Running High Efficiency Circuits
  • Thermal Track Output Transistors
  • Safe Operation to Below 2 Ohms
  • Sentry Monitor Protection
  • Power Line Inrush Protection
  • Fiber Optic Front Panel Lighting

Check out the brochure for more information – McIntosh MC2K Brochure


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