Naked Cable Banana Plugs 8 Pack

$64.00 Set of 8

Naked Cable’s high-quality, reusable screw or solder-on banana plugs.

Naked Cable Banana Plugs (4 x Black & 4 x Red)

Banana plugs are an excellent performance upgrade, ideal for a long-term, high-quality speaker cable connection. They allow for the tidiest home theatre and stereo installations.

Naked Cable’s banana plugs are manufactured using high quality materials in an ISO approved factory. They features a non-conductive shell and 24ct gold plating on the connector. They are suitable for heavier gauge cable speaker cables and feature two M4 screws for quick and reliable installation.

8 x Plugs (4 x Black & 4 x Red)


  • Gold plated
  • 2-screw installation
  • Non conductive shell
  • Larger cable capacity (5mm maximum)
  • Rear case internal diameter 6.6mm
  • Total length 48mm (20mm connector)

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