Naked Cable Crystal II Speaker Cable

$7.90 Per Meter

14-Gauge 2-Core Speaker Cable


Naked Cable Crystal II Cable


Naked Cable’s Crystal II speaker cable is one of the best value speaker cables on the market. This premium grade cable is a significant upgrade for little outlay. Manufactured using high quality materials in an ISO approved factory.

The cable features premium grade oxygen free copper (C10100), a clustered conductor construction design along with a twisted construction for noise rejection. A PE dielectric with CM CL3 rated insulator for custom installation.

The outer insulation is finished in a room friendly ‘off white’.


  • 1 pair 14 gauge / 1.63mm
  • Flexible polyethylene inner insulation
  • Anti-static PVC outer insulation
  • 7 x clustered conductors per cable
  • High performance
  • Finished in interior friendly ‘off white’

If you’re building or renovating, feel free to borrow a roll & pay for what you use.


Bulk discounts are available for purchases of 10m or over.


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