Origin Acoustics Deep 10″ Subwoofer

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This product is no longer available. We keep it here for historic reasons. Feel free to browse around, or if you've got questions, get in touch.

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The DEEP subwoofer series released by Origin Acoustics are something to marvel at. Say goodbye to picking between power and elegance. The DEEP series offers powerful bass tones and looks stylish enough to be a decoration in your home.


Modern Design

Have you seen how nice they look? Relax and enjoy the deep tones of a powerful sub without the eye sore black box dominating your whole living room.

Active & Passive Cones

Each DEEP subwoofer contains a high quality downward facing resin-paper radiator as well as a powerful front firing aluminum radiator.

Massive Power

This subwoofer series employ state of the art BASH amplification allowing the sub to be pushed to the limit. Up to 600 Watts if yours to control.

Bluetooth EQ & Control

Customising your bass response has never easier. With the Origin Acoustics Sub smart phone app you can connect to your subwoofer, adjust volume, EQ, and even phase.


  • Woofer:
    • 1 x 10 Inch Active Cone
    • 1 x 10 Inch Passive Cone
  • Frequency Response: 26 Hz – 180 Hz
  • Amplifier Power: 600 Watts Class D
  • Crossover: Adjustable 50 – 150Hz
  • Dimensions: 368 x 368 x 368 mm
  • Finish: Cloth Wrapped
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