Panasonic Prosumer LFE8W LED Display (Sec Hand)


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This Panasonic’s slim design installs in just about any space. With a depth of less than 62mm, it is tidy, subtle and elegant when mounted on a wall.   Importantly this is a screen designed for durability and quality. With a Plethora of cheaply built Television on the market, sold on features rather than quality this Panasonic is a winning alternative for people who want a simple, quality screen.   As part of the Prosumer range, the focus is on durability in high use situations and high quality picture. The narrow bezel cabinet, from which all unnecessary decorations have been eliminated, allows the viewer’s attention to focus directly on the image.   Features:

  • Stylish design for your lounge
  • Engineered for Durability
  • Power Save
  • Compatible with Tilt (0­20 degrees/Forward) orientation with landscape setting
  • Adjustable slim bezel design
  • 10W + 10W inbuilt speakers
  • LAN function for internet­based control
  • Increased signal support for a wider variety of content
  • Generous connectivity for domestic and professional use

The LFE8 Series includes a USB media player. When you insert the USB memory to the display and change the input to USB, the contents are automatically played, eliminating the need for a set ­top box. Both videos and still images can be displayed, an easy way to show your photos and view videos.   The LFE8 Series comes standard with a host of input terminals. In addition to providing a great flexibility as your visual display, these terminals enable external control. These screens are the perfect set up especially when incorporated with your audio system.   For more information check out the brochure: Panasonic LFE8 Series

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