Paradigm Defiance X10 Subwoofer


10”, 300 Watt Subwoofer

Ultimate, Uncompromising Bass

Everything is maximized with the new Defiance X10 / X12 / X15 subwoofers. Output is massive, thanks to heavy-duty, internally-braced cabinets, and Active Ridge Technology (ART™) for maximum driver-excursion. Massive SPL levels are coupled with precision control, intense detail and vanishingly low distortion. Completely Crafted in Canada, Defiance X outperforms every sub in their class.

The Defiance series boasts six new subs with all but the V8 having ARC and wireless setup/control, and the ability to add a wireless module. The X models further deliver outstanding performance with more dynamic output and even deeper bass. The X10 the start of the X models in the Defiance range. With a 10” Driver and 300 Watts of RMS power it will give you more than enough low end for your movies and music. It also has other much loved Paradigm technology such as their patented ART™ Surround, 3 App Control, High-Velocity Low-Turbulence Ported Design, and Anthem Room Correction (ARC®).

Optional Wireless Module

Place your subwoofer anywhere in your room, with no inconvenient cabling, and without sacrificing speed or performance. The Defiance WT Wireless Module (sold separately) features fast and clear 2.4 GHz dynamic frequency selection with instant error correction and a 50ft range.


  • Design: 10″ (254 mm) Driver with ART™ Surround, 300W RMS (600W Dynamic Peak), Class-D amplifier, App controlled via smartphone, Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) Included.
  • Amplifier: 600 watts Dynamic Peak; 300 watts RMS
  • Amplifier Features: Auto-On / Off, improved soft-clipping circuitry
  • Frequency Response: ON-AXIS±3 dB from 29Hz – 240Hz
  • Room Correction: Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) Included
  • Low Frequency Driver: 10″ (254 mm) ART™ Surround with carbon-loaded polypropylene cone
  • Sensitivity Room / ANECHOIC100mV mono (max. volume) /
  • Impedance: RCA: 10k ohms
  • Finishes:Satin Black
  • Weight: 19.1 kg
  • Low Frequency Extension: 24 Hz (DIN)
  • Inputs:
    • 3 x RCA (Left, Right, and LFE) for left/right lineout and/or Sub-Out from receiver/processor or other line-level source
    • 2 x Speaker Level (Left and Right) for input from amplifier or other speaker level source
    • 1 x Micro USB for ARC™ and firmware updates
  • WT Wireless Kit Compatible
    Dimensions (HxWxD): 41.7 × 38.1 × 41.7 cm

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