Paradigm Phantom V4 Foorstanding Speakers (Sec Hand)


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Paradigm Phantom V4 Floorstanding Speakers (Sec Hand)   -Secondhand condition-   These speakers produce incredible rich sounding vocals, clean & crisp mids with impressive bass sound reproduction. A full and wide range makes dialogue sound unbelievably natural, excellent for either movies or pure listening to different types of music.

  • 3-Driver, 2-way Bass Reflex, Quasi-3rd-Order Resistive Port
  • Handling Power: 15 – 160 watts @ 8 ohms
  • High Frequency Driver : 25mm CMC Ceramic/Metal Composite Dome
  • Two 165mm (6.5″) MPC Metallescent Cones, GRIP Chasis
  • Low Frequency Extension (DIN) : 38Hz (DIN)
  • Bass, frontward firing port
  • Frequency Response : 49Hz – 20kHz, +/- 2dB (on-axis) 49Hz – 18kHz, +/- 2dB (off-axis)
  • 91dB / 88dB
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