Paradigm Seismic 110 Subwoofer

$4,499.00 Each

Active Subwoofer with a unique design

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The alpha-dog of Subwoofers

Staff Pick: This Subwoofer way over-performs for it’s size and price-point. This thing is a serious sub-woofer. Take a look at how this thing is built internally to get an idea…

Design innovation for maximum performance from a minimal footprint! A true collaboration between industrial, mechanical, electronic and acoustic design.

Unlike many subwoofers on the market, Seismic™ 110 has no off-the-shelf parts. A completely custom build, demonstrating how good it gets when form truly follows function!


  • Design: Single high-excursion driver, sealed enclosure,patented built-in Ultra-Class-D™ poweramplifier, USB port.
  • Amplifier:1,700 watts Dynamic Peak /850 watts RMS
  • Bass Driver:254-mm (10 in) high-excursion mineral-filledco-polymer polypropylene cone with RCR™
  • Low-Frequency Extension: 18Hz (DIN)
  • Height, Width, Depth:34.3 cm x 29.8 cm x 32.0 cm(Measurements reflect the highest, widestand deepest points on the subwooferand include non-removable feet
  • Mass: 16.8kg

Check out the brochure for more information – Paradigm Seismic 110 Brochure

Check out our first look unboxing video:

Paradigm Seismic 110 Unboxing on The Listening Post's Youtube Channel


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