Paradigm Signature S2 v3 Bookshelf Speakers

This Product has been Discontinued.

2-driver 2-way Bookshelf

This product is no longer available. We keep it here for historic reasons. Feel free to browse around, or if you've got questions, get in touch.

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For the Ultimate in Music & Home Theater

It’s been said before, that there is no speaker more sonically coherent than the Paradigm Signature range. These speakers are made to reveal sound as the artist intended it to be. These speakers take us from the mundane to the magical, beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary.

The Signature S2 speakers are a larger more ‘beefier’ version than the S1. They are intended to be used in a larger area where volume could be concerned. The 7″ woofer gives very deep bass, while the Beryillium dome tweeters create crystal clear exuberanthigh frequencies

The signature range exhibit some of Paradigms most extraordinary manufacturing techniques which allows for this extremely high fidelity sound. Pure Beryllium Tweeter domes for example, for it’s exceptional thermal, physical and mechanical properties.This gives instantaneous response and uniformity.

Another notable innovation is the Co-Pal (Cobalt-Infused Anodized Pure-Alluminum Bass / Midrange Cones). This combines high stiffness-to-mass with superior internal damping for exceptional accuracy. The result is smooth and completely uncoloured frequency response.


  • P-Be Pure-Beryllium Tweeter Domes.
  • ARB Aperiodic Resonance Breakup Fins.
  • Co-PAL Cobalt-Infused Anodized Pure-Aluminum Bass / Midrange Cones.
  • 7″ Bass drivers for powerful deep bass.
  • 1″ Beryllium Dome Tweeters for crystal clear highs.

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Cherry $5,499.00
Black Gloss $5,999.00
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