Primacoustic IsoPads

$29.90 Per Pair


Primeacoustic Isoplane Isopads

Available at The Listening Post: Wellington and Christchurch


Elevate Your Sound with Precision Isolation

When it comes to critical listening and creating your perfect mix, every part of the production chain has a positive, or negative impact. For example, Speaker resonance occurs when your monitors aren’t properly isolated and this can trick your ears into hearing sonic nuances in the mix that aren’t really there. The solution is simple but often overlooked — placing isolation pads under your speakers to separate the sound from the speaker so that it won’t resonate with the desk or shelf during playback. Enter Primacoustic’s IsoPads. Simple solutions for an often overlooked problem. IsoPads allow positioning of your monitors the way you want for critical mixing, without worrying about sound resonating through the floor and furniture.

Designed to be placed underneath sensitive equipment like turntables and bookshelf speakers the Isoplane isolation foam can make a startling improvement to the sound.

Made from high density foam that is designed to ensure no vibrations are conducted through, the Isoplane is a cost effective solution that in many applications produces a real improvement in sound.

Sold in sets of two, the Isoplane can be a great and cost effective problem solver.



Size:                51 × 305 × 102 mm

Material:       High density polyurethane foam

Load Limit:  20 kg

Slope:             6º

Box Qty:         2


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