Pro-Ject Debut Evo Steel Platter


Pro-Ject Debut EVO upgrade platter for all Debut turntables

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Damped From The Inside

Always looking to upgrade, Pro-Ject has released the Debut EVO Turntable. This new EVO model now features a resonance dampened platter, better isolation feet and speed control.

For those with a standard Debut turntable, or Debut Carbon, ProJect’s dampened platter is an easy, cost effective over the counter upgrade.

Pro-Jects TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) technology now helps to damp the resonance completely and also increases the weight to 1,7 kg. Because the TPE is mounted to the inside of the platter‘s rim, the moving energy will also create a flywheel effect. The result is an even quieter and noiseless operation with less wow and flutter.

Perfect upgrade for Debut, Debut II, Debut III and Debut Carbon turntables.


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