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Pro-Ject X1 Audiophile Turntable


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Unbelievable Sound at a Fantastic Price

In 1991 Pro-Ject started a revolution in HiFi with the introduction of the Pro-Ject 1 turntable. A new high-end, low budget turntable at a time when CD was king. Against all odds, Pro-Ject were creating interest in analogue audio at a time when others were turning their backs, and the success was only down to three critical philosophies. Simple yet technically correct design, High-quality valuable materials, and the fact they are fully handcrafted, expert engineers, made in Europe.

There are no fancy, unnecessary features; it was a strictly manual turntable design and all of these decisions resulted in unbelievable sound at a fantastic price. The X1 is based on the same concept as the P1, but improved in every aspect thanks to modern materials and new production methods. Including a better chassis, platter, motor isolation, tonearm, counter weight, cartridge and more! The X1 has really made a substantial improvement in every way over the P1.


  • Clear Perspex Lid included
  • Speed control with electronic speed switch for ultimate speed stability
  • Carefully isolated motor for less vibration and noise
  • Sub-platter with extremely low 0.001mm bearing tolerances
  • Stainless steel platter-bearing with soft brass bushing and teflon mirrors for lowest rumble and noise, and a stable, accurate speed transmission
  • Resonance free, 1.5 kg heavy acrylic platter
  • 8.6” carbon/alu sandwich tonearm with best internal damping and TPE damped counterweight
  • Kardan ultra-low friction 4 pin point precision tonearm bearing

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