PSB SubSeries 350 Subwoofer


12″, 300 Watts

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The SubSeries 350 is a powered subwoofer that delivers solid, accurate bass thanks to its built-in 300-watt high-current amplifier and 12″ (300mm) woofer. Employing trickle-down technology from PSB?s flagship SubSeries 450, the 350 uses a sealed cabinet design to provide short bursts of energy with little effort and improve the overall bass clarity with a smoother roll-off at the lowest frequencies. It’s also easy to integrate this compact subwoofer into existing systems by simply connecting the sub to either the line-level of speaker-level connections and using the rear mounted controls to tailor the sound and match the SubSeries 350 with other speakers.

Sophisticated sound from a small enclosure

The SubSeries 350 is crafted using the highest quality components, custom-tooled mechanics, and state-of-the-art driver technologies. PSB’s careful engineering and precision manufacturing results in a subwoofer that is capable of 300 watts of continuous power and dynamic peaks of 900 watts. If you don’t have a lot of available floor space, but want deep bass that makes you feel like you’re part of the action, the SubSeries 350 is for you.

Powerful Class D Amplification

Designed in collaboration with sister company NAD Electronics, the SubSeries 350 employs a custom-designed, high-current 300 watt MOSFET amplifier that uses advanced digital signal processing technology to deliver the flattest possible frequency response with extremely low distortion at high output levels. The amp is then perfectly matched with a 12″ (300mm) front-firing for tight, powerful bass.

The next addition to your home theatre

With the SubSeries 350, seamless integration with your current home theatre system is easily achieved through adjustable rear-mounted volume, crossover and phase controls, as well as multiple connection options for your existing stereo amp or receiver. Placement within the home will also come easy with the SubSeries 350 as its sealed cube design is housed in an attractive high gloss black cabinet.


  • Class D, Discrete MOSFET Amplifier
  • USB Power Output (5V, 500mA)
  • Auto on/Standby | <0.5W Standby Power
  • Vibration Absorbing Feet


  • Frequency Response: 25-150Hz
  • Amplifier Power: 300W Continuous, 400 Watts Dynamic Power
  • Woofer (Nominal): 12″ (300mm) Polypropylene Cone, Rubber Surround, 2″ (50mm) Voice Coil, 50oz (1400g) Magnet
  • Crossover: Variable 50-350Hz, LR4, Low Pass Filter
  • Design Type: Sealed
  • Dimensions: (WxHxD) 390 x 390 x 395mm
  • Net Weight: 20kg
  • Gloss Black Finish

Check out the brochure for more information – PSB SubSeries 350 Brochure


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