Q Acoustics Professional QI65ST Single Stereo In-Ceiling Speaker


Professional 6.5″ In Ceiling Stereo Speaker

Q Acoustics is steadily building it’s reputation for excellent value in hi-fi products. The Qi-65 St is no exception. When you hear them, it’s obvious that they are well designed.


There is a choice between round and square grills so that any installation can look its best.


A stereo input speaker is designed to take music (which is recorded in stereo) and play it back through one speaker. Many stereo input speakers are slouches when in comes to sound quality, but the Qi 65 St manages to do it right.


The Qi-65 St have a well engineered and thought out magnetically attached grill, so that grills are fully inter-changable without needing to remove the speaker.

Check out the brochure for more information – Q Acoustics Professional Range Brochure / Install Series Brochure


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