Rako Lighting 20w Constant current LED Dimmer unit


Rako lighting 20w Constant current LED Dimmer unit

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An in-line RF four channel (RGBW) 20W/channel constant current dimming LED driver.
For control of 3 channel constant current LED fittings with selectable outputs of 350, 500, 600 and 700mA.

When used with 4 colour fittings each colour is allocated a channel and can be individually adjusted allowing complete colour mixing. Simple colour cycling is started/stopped using the fade up/fade down commands on a Rako wallpanel or hand held remote.  The RLED20+CC4 can be used with fittings with either separate or common positives.

Controlled from any Rako Rakom device, e.g. RCM wall plates or Bridge interface units.

Programmed using either the RASOFT Pro software, the unit stores the House, Room and Channel address plus 16 preset scene levels in non volatile memory.

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