RTI RKM-1+ In Wall Keypad


A small in wall touch screen keypad for multimedia control

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Perfect for multi-room audio control, the RKM-1 is designed to have a clean, elegant style. It fits into a single gang electrical box, ensuring seamless integration into most homes and buildings. Using the available software drivers from RTI, the RKM-1 can communicate bidirectionally with many popular multi-zone receivers (when used together with the MRP-64 Control Processor).

The RKM-1 can directly control almost any audio/video component up to 1000 feet away using its infrared output port. When used with the available RTI automation devices, the RKM-1 is capable of infrared routing, relay control, power sensing and RS-232 communications for advanced control.


  • Provides feedback from multi-zone receivers via the MRP-64 Control Processor.
  • Use any standard Decora® type faceplate.
  • Fits in single gang electrical box.
  • Eight selectable sources.
  • Backlit volume level indicator.
  • Open architecture allows control of virtually any audio/video component.
  • Non-volatile Flash memory stores your system configuration even when
    power is lost.
  • IR output port drives up to 1000 feet of wire for standalone control.
  • Optional modules and control processors for voltage and video sensing (to monitor power status of equipment) and RS-232 control.
  • Field upgradable firmware.
  • USB Programming.

Check out the brochure for more information – RTI RKM-1+ Brochure


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