iFi Micro Iphono (Sec Hand)


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  • A compact phono preamplifier with Ultra high end features and performance
  • Patented TubeState Class A Tri-Brid Amplification Circuit developed by AMR (Abbingdon Music Research) for a natural real sound
  • Dedicated Low-Noise MC Input (suitable for cartridges <0.3mV) with 60-66dB of Gain and Ultra-Wide MC Load Options 22 Ohm-47K Ohm with 8 setting options
  • Dedicated High Quality MM Input (also suitable for MC Cartridges > 1mV) with 40-46dB of Gain with Ultra-Wide MM Load Options from 100-500pF in 5 setting options
  • 6 Stereo EQ Curves available via a front panel toggle (RIAA/eRIAA/IEC/eRIAA+IEC/Decca/Columbia) allowing playback of all Stereo Recordings with correct playback equalization
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