Yamaha CDC-600 Multi-CD Silver (Second Hand)


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Whether you’re having guests over for dinner, or simply want chill out with a selection of your favorite albums, the CDC-600 from Yamaha has you covered.


While this high-fidelity CD player sports a five-disc capacity, PlayXchange technology lets you change out multiple discs with out interrupting the CD that’s playing. If you’d rather listen to an audio mix from your computer, you also have the option of connecting a USB pendrive pre-loaded with MP3 or WMA audio to the CDC-600.


The front panel screen displays the CD title, artist’s name, and track titles while you listen. Other attractive features include iPod compatibility, MP3 and WMA compatibility and Pure Direct.



  • Yamaha patented PlayXchange
  • Full opening disc tray for changing 5 discs at a time
  • Pure Direct
  • Extremely sophisticated circuitry and layout for short signal paths
  • High performance DAC
  • MP3 and WMA compatibility
  • USB port on front panel
  • iPod compatibility
  • RS-232C interface and IR in/out
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