Shanling Audio ME700 IEM Headphone


Best Audio Technology in an Extremely Light Case


Great Signal Clarity

The best audio technologies in an extremely light case (6.8g), the Shanling ME700s uses no less than five transducers per channel, including 4 custom Armature transducers to offer breathtaking sound reproduction.

Each ear-plug is first equipped with a large dynamic titanium diaphragm transducer dedicated to bass offers a dynamic range in the low frequencies.

In addition to the dynamic transducer, the ME700 headset uses four symmetrical Armature transducers. The first pair is dedicated to mid / treble while the second pair of transducers delivers the higher frequencies of the audio spectrum. Each of these Armature transducers is a custom version which was modified to strictly comply with Shanling specifications to offer the performance.

The transducers are arranged so as to compensate for the frequency response differentials between one another and with the diaphragm. This design helps to get the most out of each transducer while canceling out phase and time distortion effects. The result is an extremely large and detailed sound image with natural and coherent audio reproduction.

Shanling’s ME700s include very high performance Knowless Armature TWFK-30017 transducers. This model is particularly appreciated in the world of IEM for its level of detail in the medium / high range without exaggerated brightness or aggressiveness at the higher top of the spectrum. This allows greater signal clarity without causing listening fatigue.


Type:                      IEM
Transducers:         x5
(Dynamic 1x + 4x Armature custom)
Connectors:          3.5mm Jack
Cable:                     1.2m (removable)
Frequency response:  20-40 000Hz
Impedance:          18Ω


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